Sunday, November 18, 2018

w sitting, hyper mobiltiy, special shoes & stuff

We recently discovered (or had it confirmed) that Indie Grace does have issues with her feet turning in and also the way she runs. She's hyper mobile, as many kids with hip dysplasia are, and that can effect them in many areas.

While we're so very thankful for all the amazing things the hip doctors have done for Indie Grace.... it has been really frustrating to have them tell us there's no need for physical therapy after treatment, that her feet look fine and that she walks and runs fine when it all looks a bit "off" to us. We were also told, by professionals, that concerns over W sitting were something of the past and that it's perfectly fine for kids to sit like this and even more so for hip babies since they're more flexible.
Until now we've taken their word for it. Since we were told she didn't need physical therapy we were actually afraid to pursue it after she got out of her spica cast for fear a physical therapist wouldn't be familiar with child who had hip dysplasia. In my gut NONE of that sounded right but... never having had a child with hip dysplasia before we wanted to listen to the hip doctors first and foremost. Nevermind that we had pediatricians and other professionals telling us the opposite. The hip doctors fixed her hip (and they did a great job and we are so, so thankful for that!) but maybe we falsely assumed they're also the experts when it comes to all things Indie?

Recently two of Indie Grace's occupational therapists have expressed concern over the way she sits in the W position. Indie Grace has had a weak core since she was a baby.. slumping and very poor posture. I never connected a weak core to W sitting. But from what I'm learning sitting in the W position does nothing to help strengthen the core... it actually makes it worse... and it can also negatively effect the feet and the position of the legs when a child walks and runs. I'm thinking it can effect a child with hyper mobility even more? (Here is a great article that explains more.)

Her current OT has also been concerned about Indie Grace's feet and the way that she runs. All I needed was that nagging concern validated before I went and dug a little deeper for info related to hip babies, hyper mobility, feet position, running, etc. I've known that many hip babies are hyper mobile but in the past 2 years I've somehow missed the fact (despite asking around and searching numerous times to no avail) that many hip kids also have issues with their feet and legs. Many need special inserts, shoes and physical therapy. Once I learned that I went ahead ordered a pair of orthopedic shoes for Indie off eBay. I didn't want to buy new until I knew for sure what type of shoe she needed but the shoes we got are nice and supportive and seem very well made. Indie loves them and wears them all the time now! She was so excited to get them in the mail!

Opening her "new" shoes!! I was surprised they came a few days early! 
She got them a week ago yesterday!

Proudly wearing her "new" shoes!

The shoes we bought are $120 new but I found them on eBay for less than $40 shipped! The pair we got are gently worn but look fine and still have a lot of life left! I was thrilled to find such a great deal! They hold her feet in the proper position and keep her ankles straight instead of slumping inward. She's been wearing them every single day with no complaints even though they're a bit "clunkier" than the shoes she was used to.

We had a physical therapist look at her feet during OT last week. The PT recommended little inserts for arch support. This will help her feet which will also help the position of her legs. I'm glad I didn't spend a full $120 on brand new orthopedic shoes because the PT isn't recommending anything that drastic. But she is recommending "quality" shoes over the Wal-Mart, Old Navy, Target or the cheap stuff Indie Grace has been wearing. Personally I do love the orthopedic ones we got with the extra support around the ankles and I'll definitely be looking for more good deals on something similar. 

She'll be getting shoe inserts similar to these. 

Indie will be fitted for inserts at therapy tomorrow and they'll place an order for us. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she'll adjust quickly to the inserts as well.

We're also trying to remember to correct her when she sits in the W position. I feel like we should probably go ahead with a full PT evaluation. I'm certain a little physical therapy wouldn't hurt with her weak core, hyper mobility and overall clumsiness. Clumsiness is just something she deals with having hyper mobility and having had hip dysplasia. 

It's been one thing after another with Indie Grace since she was born and time after time we've heard various opinions from different professionals. I end up beating myself up for either not realizing there was an issue or because I didn't listen to my gut to begin with and dig harder for answers.

We're so thankful for all the help and treatment Indie has received. We couldn't be more thankful to Scottish Rite and Shriners. My eyes honestly start to well up every time I think of these amazing hospitals and all they do. It's unbelievable.

We're so thankful that we caught hip dysplasia earlier than some and that she was treated when she was still a baby. We're thankful that Indie is pretty much thriving now! She's healthy and strong and super smart!

I almost hate to write about anything she's gone through because I know it's a drop in the bucket compared to what so many others are dealing with. Having been to Scottish Rite and Shriners on multiple occasions we know full well just how incredibly blessed we are. Walking in to these hospitals with a patient who has four perfectly developed limbs, who can walk and talk and run is not lost on us. We leave with incredibly grateful and humbled hearts every single time. On the other hand, this is her story and these are the minor frustrations what we've dealt with and/or are dealing with and I will not be ashamed about sharing our lives.

I'll be sharing more about her journey in the future for a few reasons. I don't want to forget any of it. I want Indie to be able to read it all as she gets older. And, I firmly believe in helping others go through the things we've already been through. If I can share something that will help even one mother out there dealing with any of the things Indie has gone through.. from torticollis, Doc Band, hip dysplasia, hyper mobility, sensory processing disorder, evaluations, finding a therapist, OT, PT, febrile seizures and now shoe inserts and orthopedic shoes... then it's worth sharing.

On that note if anyone has further info on any of this stuff please share! I'm still confused about a lot of this!

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