Monday, December 3, 2018

life lately

We've been busy as always!! Poor Indie was sick for over two weeks. She was sick a full week before Thanksgiving before I decided to take her to the doctor (over-the-counter cold meds just don't seem to work for her).
They gave her eye drops and a prescription for all her coughing and congestion. The prescription seemed to work for a few days but then she started getting worse. I made another appointment a week after the first one and I'm glad I did. At this point she was heading towards pneumonia! Her chest sounded bad but her breathing test was good. We got a couple new prescriptions and these worked great! She's so much better now! We had a follow up appointment as well as her 3 year check-up last Friday. Sol woke up that morning crying that her ear hurt so the doctor looked at her as well. It turned out she had her first ear infection either.. in both ears! So we have Sol on a prescription now too.

The little girls wore their little backpacks, filled with a few favorite toys, everywhere for a couple days last week. They cracked me up wearing them into Neighborhood Wal-Mart haha!

I had to get Starbucks a few days last week... just one of those weeks. Indie has been asking for a cup of water every time we go. She calls it "frappucino water" ha! 

 Just a funny pic of Sol wearing a monkey mask and holding a random football. 

 Indie wanted me to take a picture during bath time. 

 Saturday morning Mar, Indie and I ran out for a couple errands. I saw the most perfect giftcard ever at Starbucks! I'd love a few of these for Christmas!! 

After Starbucks we went to Kid To Kid for Christmas pajamas. By December 1st their selection was pretty picked over but I managed to find the perfect American Girl holiday jammies for Mar and nightgowns for the little girls. I still need to find something for Alex. After Kid To Kid we went to Duck Donuts next door! I've been hearing about Duck Donuts since we moved here and pass it all the time when we're at Kid To Kid but we finally decided to stop in Saturday morning. These donuts are amazing!! Just a dollar something for any kind of donut topping you want and they add toppings as you order! The donuts are a little different.. yellow cake donuts.. but still delicious! 

 Mar ordered the chocolate drizzle with sprinkles, Indie wanted the "zebra" donut.. white with chocolate drizzle and I decided on the chocolate with peanuts and coconut... so yummy!

Other than being sick and running errands I've also been busy trying to sell as much as I can to help
fund Christmas and our upcoming trip to Texas! I love buying and selling (or curbside finds and selling ha!) so this is fun for me but also a lot of work! My entire front dining room is a disaster. :/ I've been thinking about starting an eBay shop but not sure right now. I'm so unorganized at the moment.. 

I'm still drinking Revital U coffee every morning. Honestly, the stuff is disgusting but I love the energy I get! I usually don't even need a second cup of coffee the entire day. I do go to Starbucks occasionally but generally I just drink the Retival U every morning and that's it for the day. I've heard of people losing 20 lbs with this stuff but I'm not so lucky. I think I've lost, maybe, 3 lbs. Ugh. This week I'm going to start working out every day and drinking lemon water. I think I'll continue Revital U for at least another month but I'm not that impressed and wonder if there's another "smart coffee" out there that would taste better and work even better.. 

Hope everyone's having a great Monday! I made a to do list this morning and want to stick to it! We'll see how that goes ha! 


  1. Sorry to hear the kids were sick. Those donuts look so good!

  2. I have heard so much about Duck donuts...I need to get to on asap and check it out-those look amazing!