Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2018, A Look Back (Part 1)

A look back at our 2018....

January - Mar and I flew to Mexico for my sister's wedding! This was Mar's first time on a plane and her first time out of the country. We had a great time and can't wait to go back to Tulum!

 Sol turned FOUR in mid-January! 

and Mar turned NINE a week later!

February - We got our first pet!! A little 8 week old Beagle/terrier mix we named Eli! A couple weeks later we got our second pet, a bunny, for Mar on Valentine's Day!! Sadly, Mar turned out to be allergic to her sweet little bunny but we were able to find a perfect new home for her a few months ago.

March, April - My mom flew out for Spring Break. All three girls had their first dance recital, Alex started baseball and we celebrated Easter! 

May - J was Sol's soccer coach in the spring. Mar and I ran/walked in a 5K for Girls On The Run. And we moved from our three bedroom townhouse into a 4 bedroom rent house. Most importantly our new neighborhood has a community pool. We spent HOURS at the pool all summer!

June - School was out for the summer! We traveled to Florida for our 10 year vow renewal ceremony!! Lots of family and friends met us in FL to celebrate!!


  1. What a wonderful look back! Looks like a really great start to 2018.

  2. Great recap!!! Wishing you even more love and blessings in 2019!!!