Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Afternoon at the park by the lake

We went to a park by the lake with friends last Thursday. There were 9 kids, all under ten, between both of our families! My friend and I were so busy chasing kids around we hardly had time to visit. As soon as our van doors opened the older 8 scattered in 8 different directions ha! We had a great time though!! This was our first trip to the lake this year. Last week was spring break for C. We didn't do a whole lot so this was a fun outing for him. At least he got out one day. We wanted to go to Boone on Friday but it rained up in the mountains all day so we had to cancel. 

Of course C had to climb this tree that hung over the lake. I had to stop S from climbing up right behind him ha! 

L with her little friends. They were so cute together! 

After we left the beach area we drove through the park over to the playground. S was so excited to get to sit in the front seat for a few minutes ha! 

One of our little friends' was so excited to ride in our van with L for a few minutes. So cute! 

We had such a fun time and were worn out when we left. My younger three took long naps that afternoon and I got a migraine and had a long nap myself. So much fun though! We can't wait to go back! 

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