Tuesday, April 30, 2019


I totally forgot to post about Easter. We did a low key, indoor Easter egg hunt at a small church nearby on Saturday, the day before Easter. 

The girls enjoyed getting their faces painted!

And Easter Sunday after church! Their outfits were all over the place this year ha!! S is in a play dress because she hates dresses and I didn't want to spend money on something fancy that she wouldn't want to wear. I prepared her days in advance that she would be wearing the dress above for Easter. And L insisted on wearing a hand-me-down dress from her cousins both Saturday for the egg hunt and on Easter Sunday.. so I had to wash it Saturday night. I didn't even bother with sandals for the little girls this year. S is going through a picky, picky, picky stage when it comes to shoes. She only wants to wear those light-up Paw Patrol tennis shoes from Wal-Mart ha! And L needs more expensive shoes. I haven't gotten her good supportive sandals this year.. still searching for a good, affordable pair that she can wear with inserts. So anyway.. both girls ended up in tennis shoes and dresses this year lol! C only wears tennis shoes despite having a nice pair of leather sandals that he won't touch. Anyway, here is a look back at a few Easters.

 J's first Easter, 2009

C's first Easter, 2011

2017, right before we moved to North Carolina (Side note: Someone stole that bench off my front porch not long after this. Still makes me angry. I loved that bench!)

2018, Our first Easter in North Carolina

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