Monday, June 3, 2019

Hello Monday!

Wow, it's been over a month since I posted last! I'm determined to write a lot more this summer!! 

Of course we have been crazy busy!! The end of the school year is always insane.

The little girls finished up soccer towards the beginning of May.

S ran her first Fun Run at J's Girl's On The Run 5K last month! 

She's been accepted in the kindergarten, dual immersion program. I think we got like 3 acceptance letters in the mail ha! She isn't super excited going to a 90% Spanish classroom. She really wanted to go to school with C. I feel terrible because I talked up C's school so much and got her all excited about going to school there... then we found out she was eligible for the dual immersion and really felt like that was too great an opportunity to pass up. We passed up the same opportunity for our older kids back in Texas and really regret it. I think S will be really glad she can speak both languages in the long run and we hope to get L in the same program in a couple years. 

C finished up baseball and can't wait to play again this fall! Their coach took the team out for ice cream after one of their last games. 

He also finished up Trail Life. It was hard to balance both Trail Life and baseball but we really want him to do Trail Life again this fall. He loves it even though he had to miss quite a bit with baseball. Hopefully his baseball schedule will look a little different this fall. 

Just looking cute after a haircut last month! 

J's GOTR team painted one of the school rocks right before their 5K. They went with the spring theme that J chose! And she was named Rockin' Creative Thinker on her end of season award! Her coaches were both SO sweet this spring! I wish they could coach her every season. 

GOTR ended with the 5K last month. My husband ran/walked with her for the first time! 

J is just about finished up with American Heritage Girls as well. Their awards ceremony is next week!  

I've been super busy with buying and selling. I love it and I'm making money but it's a lot of work too! My husband has been working hard to make extra money as well. 

We're trying to save for our Disney & Lego Land trip this fall. Tickets are bought but we need plenty of spending money too and we don't use credit cards. 

S and I are also planning to fly out to Texas in August for my sister's baby shower. This will be S's first time on a plane! 

We're hoping to get to the beach once or twice this summer! I really want to go to the Outer Banks for the first time. My kids and I are dying to see the wild horses and I've just been wanting to go to Outer Banks since we moved out here 2 years ago. 

I can't believe we've lived out here 2 years already! We moved out the day after school let out for the summer back in Texas in June 2017. 

If everything goes as planned we'll have grandparents visiting in June, July and August (three different sets). 

We had our big, season grand opening/20th anniversary of our neighborhood pool party Saturday night! The pool actually opened mid-May but the first pool party date was rained out so it was rescheduled for June 1st. We had a great time with food trucks, face painting, games and a water slide! 

I'm on the social/pool something committee so we stayed until the end to help clean up. J and C enjoy helping out. They go around closing umbrellas, putting away pool toys, cleaning up, reclining chairs, etc.

I'm cleaning the pool house once a week for extra money again this summer. I hate it because there's no AC and it's always hot, sweaty work but the extra money comes in handy! On the plus side I can wear a bathing suit under my clothes, rinse off any time in the outdoor showers and take short breaks to cool off in the pool! And the kids can swim while I'm cleaning! My husband helped clean last week. (Thank you Lord!) and cleaned the boy's bathroom for me. I hope he'll continue to help out all season. :) 

It's bittersweet (mostly sweet) that the kids can all jump in the pool and swim around without me being right there with them. The little girls are still in Puddle Jumpers but are totally independent with them on. S is 5 1/2 now and ready to learn to swim without a floatie. J and I have been working with her a little bit. She's kind of terrified but making a little bit of progress.. I think. I'd really like to put her in swim lessons and may look into it pretty soon. 

Anyway, enough rambling. This post is long enough ha! I'm going to try and post a few times a week this month and keep the posts a bit a shorter. 

Thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. Good to hear from you! What do you buy and sell? I've done that in the past too. I've always wanted to go to the Outer Banks!