Monday, April 15, 2019

Weekend Wrap-Up

I'm linking up with Hello Monday again today. 

Our weekend was pretty laidback. The little girls soccer games were canceled Saturday morning due to rain. We went to church Sunday morning and were supposed to go up there again Sunday evening but the evening event was canceled due to possible bad weather. I was excited for some great storms Sunday afternoon and evening but we got almost nothing. So disappointing ha! I love a good storm! Saturday and Sunday afternoon/evening were both pretty lazy days around the house. 

Last Thursday morning the girls were scooting around on a skateboard. L loved rolling down the driveway on her tummy and did it several times! (She was rolling downhill towards our garage.. not the street.) There's a video on Instagram. There are days when I think she could really benefit from OT and PT and then days like Thursday when she does something totally unexpected! I'm thinking playing at home... with the right equipment.. just may be the best therapy for her. :) 

She also figured out how to ride her little tricycle Thursday evening! She rode a tricycle one time in therapy a few months ago but couldn't figure out how to ride the one I got her at home. She finally figured it out Thursday and rode it all over the ball park Thursday evening. We're so proud of her! This is great for strengthening her core and using her leg muscles. 

 C's team won their second game of the season Thursday night! And won by quite a bit! :) 

A friend had his puppy up at the game and the girls had the best time walking her around and carrying her. It was so sweet! 

Friday morning the girls and I ran a few errands. I caved and bought the little girls this shopping cart at Goodwill. I've been trying to get rid of toys... not bring more in. But they really loved this thing and insisted they'll share it. Indie Grace chose her own socks that day ha! 

I was in bed most of Tuesday and most of Friday afternoon with massive migraines. Ugh. I think these were triggered by allergies combined with the pressure of the storms we had last week. Mucinex helps a lot and putting a heat pack on my head and ice pack on the my neck. 

I stopped eating gluten (again) a few weeks ago and have stuck to almost no gluten since then. I also stopped drinking all the sugary sweet coffee drinks and went back to plain black, iced coffee with unsweetened almond milk. Cutting all the gluten and sugary drinks out has made a world of difference with my energy level and focus. I feel SO much better! Sadly, my weight has not gone down yet. I know it's because I've been eating gluten free snacks which aren't exactly healthy. I'm looking for healthier GF snacks that will keep me full. I have made no bake granola bites which are amazing but I put Karo syrup in mine and I know that's not healthy lol. I plan to start working out today. Last year when I was working out every day the inches were just falling off. I don't remember losing a lot of weight but I definitely was looking slimmer. Lemon water really helped too. I've been drinking a lot of lemon water (this also helps with energy levels!) but probably need to kick it up a bit more. 

C is on Spring Break this week! I woke up and totally forgot it was Spring Break and was ready to rush him out the door this morning ha! We really don't have any big plans for the week. We might go to the lake with some friends in the next day or two. And we're planning a day trip to Boone (with the dog!) toward the end of the week. Poor Little E never gets away so I want to take him with us. I know there's dog parks up there and I'm sure he'll enjoy the car ride and just being out. :) 

He's been playing with the neighbor dog lately. The neighbor dog wanders around the neighborhood all the time but she's stopped by to play and hang out a few times in the past week or so. We opened the front door twice this morning and the neighbor dog has just been standing there looking up at us like "Can Little E can play now?" Ha! So cute! 

Other than a possible trip to the lake and a trip to Boone we really don't have any other fun plans for the week. C has baseball practice two nights this week and I'll be working in childcare up at church on Thursday. We might get up to the library one day too. Luckily the kids have a lot of fun staying home and playing together. They were making forts under the beds this morning then had fun riding bikes, climbing the tree, playing with the neighbor boy and eating lunch outside. I plan to list a lot of stuff for sale, clean, organize and get caught up on laundry this week..... a never ending cycle. 

One day last week the little girls were playing quietly in their room then walked out into 

the hallway dressed like this ha! They said they were going to Disney World. :) They crack me up! 

S loves little bugs and worms. She found an earthworm yesterday and insisted on keeping him in a box, indoors. This morning I saw her walking by with several pieces of spinach for her worm ha!! Of course she named him "Leo" after her favorite Ninja Turtle. Half her stuffed animals and dolls are named Leo. Never a dull moment around here! 

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  1. Hooray for a good weekend. I drink my coffee with unsweetened almond milk too. It makes it a lot harder to buy at Starbucks!