Monday, April 8, 2019

Hello Monday

Lots of catching up to do! I started this post last week and got sidetracked ha!

A couple Friday mornings ago the girls and I went up to a kids' consignment sale for their 50% off day. The sale is held in an old warehouse once or twice a year. This was our first time there since moving out here and I had to get some pics of the interior. The brick walls are amazing! I could totally see this place being a redone as a Magnolia Market type store. #loveit

I gave the little girls a dollar each and L wanted to take her little purse to keep her money in. Then she wanted to hang it up when she went potty. Ha! So cute!

The trees outside were gorgeous too!

The girls' dance rehearsal was a couple Friday evenings ago followed by a pizza dinner. And their big dance recital was Saturday, March 30. They all did great! The recital wrapped up dance for the spring semester.

Last Tuesday evening C's Trail Life group went to Climb On! Then G went with her American Heritage Girls group this past Friday. They both loved it! J took C and I dropped G off with her group. I wish I could've stayed to watch but it wasn't practical since I had all the other kids with me.

Last Wednesday C's school had a Fun Run! He did great!! He ran 35 laps and raised money for his school.

C's first baseball game of the season was last Thursday evening! They're playing again this evening. 

The little girls started soccer this past Saturday. I was so proud of L.. she finally got out on the field without me and practiced a bit with her team. I couldn't get her to go out during the actual "game" but maybe next week? I was so busy with L that I didn't get to really watch S's team on the other side of the field. I love watching her play.. hopefully I can get over there next week for a few minutes.

The weather has been beautiful lately. But on April 2nd we had random snow flurries in the morning. It was so weird! I hope we don't see that again for several months. We're loving the spring weather and have been spending a lot of time outside! 

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