Monday, July 29, 2019

Weekend Wrap-Up

Last week was busy!

The older kids were at Camp In The City every day from 9 to 4. Then the little girls had VBS from 6:30 to 8 every day except Friday. All the kids loved their camps and VBS! We went a little crazy going to so many Vacation Bible Schools this summer. It was fun but I'm glad it's over!

The little girls finished up with a program at VBS Thursday evening. Each class sang a song on stage. The girls were adorable, of course!! (Videos on Instagram). S was in the first grade class with one of her bestfriends. They were sooo cute to watch together!! 

Wednesday morning we met some friends at a movie theater to watch Happy Feet! Several theaters around here offer free or $1 movies throughout the summer. The kids loved the movie!

I worked out four days in a row last week. The older kids and I took a long walk with our sweet puppy Wednesday evening. 

Friday morning I went through Starbucks drive-thru after dropping off the older kids at camp. The little girls begged for a frappucino of their own so we compromised by asking the barista to give them sample sizes instead. They loved it!! Afterwards we had to make an unexpected stop at Walgreens. They walked in barefoot, in their jammies, drinking their mini frappucinos. I wish I had taken a pic.. they looked so cute! 

Friday afternoon Camp In The City wrapped up with a little program. The college kids who came in to work as counselors had SO much energy... even after a week of camp they were jumping around and looking all energetic ha! I wish I had half their energy! 

Friday evening we had another Sip N' Dip at the community pool! They served pizza for dinner. We got there a little late but in plenty of time to enjoy dinner and swim for a while then the older kids helped us fold up chairs and tables and clean up afterwards. I love how they pitch in and work hard at community events.. just wish I could get them to always work that hard at home too!

They actually DO pitch in pretty well at home.. when they want to. Saturday C helped me mow the lawn, weed the flower bed, trim trees and bushes and haul everything to the curb. S helped a lot too!! I sweated so much working outside yesterday I thought I was going to faint. I probably overdid it a bit but I'm really happy to have the lawn mowed, front flower bed weeded and most of the side flower bed weeded as well. I wish I had taken some before pics. We've lived here over a year now and I think this is the first time I've touched the flower bed. I've definitely got to do better! I actually love yard work but just never got around to dealing with this stuff until yesterday. I'm looking forward to planting a few more plants and some flowers. I want monkey grass or something low maintenance out by our mailbox too. 

After a busy work day Saturday I just stayed home and relaxed all day yesterday. J took the kids to church and I stayed home, relaxed and puttered around. I ended up having cramps and feeling migrainey so it was nice to stay inside, watch Hulu and not have to sweat. We didn't have life group yesterday afternoon either so it was a nice, long lazy day. 

Today the kids and I stayed home most of the day. This is the last week before school starts and we plan to enjoy sleeping in while we can! I accidently forgot all about the two older girls eye appointments this morning.. we all slept right through it ha! 

The three older kids all got their teacher assignments today! They're so excited! And C found out he is on the same baseball team with one of his good friends from school so that was great news too! 

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