Thursday, February 6, 2020

Life Lately

Life has been SO busy the past few months with a lot of changes!! 

After my husband's heart attack in late August we were really leaning towards moving back to Texas to be close to family. After going back and forth, and really stressing over that for a few months we ultimately decided to stay out here in North Carolina! The kids and I are so relieved to be staying out here and my husband had been on the fence about moving back anyway. As my husband's condition improved over the past few months we decided we just weren't ready to leave NC after only 2.5 years. So we are staying and, Lord willing, will have some fun house news to share next week!!! 

A few weeks ago my husband had the big heart check-up we were waiting for. His heart looks good and he's doing really well!! I raced to get to his appointment on time after dropping off school kids because I always have a million questions I want to ask his doctor ha! But by the time I got to the hospital his appointment was over so we just went to Starbucks for a snack together (my husband normally does NOT snack at Starbucks.. he's changed his diet SO much since the heart attack) before we went our separate ways for the day. I love that gift card.. I had to get a pic! Definitely applies to both my husband and me haha!!

Our 2 year old Beagle was sleeping in a cage every night until just a month or so ago. Now he sleeps in bed with C and it's the cutest thing ever! I check on all my kids at night and it's just adorable to see the dog snuggled up next to C like this. 

Just a few sweet pics of S and our 2 year old puppy while he was still the only dog.


L had her first ever playdate on her own (without siblings) a few weeks ago! Her little friend lives a few streets over and she and L have identical coloring and similar features. It was short playdate and they really didn't start warming up to each other until it was almost time to leave so we'll have to get together again soon! L has always been kind of a tag-a-long with her older siblings so it was nice for her to have a playdate with a friend while all the older kids were at school. 

L waiting for speech and during speech a few weeks ago. I thought she looked so cute with her ponytail! 

Lots more to write about soon including ups and downs with L and my decison (90% sure) to homeschool ALL FOUR of my kids next year!! And hopefully lots about house stuff!! :) 

Busy day tomorrow! Delayed school drop-offs because it has been raining like crazy!! House stuff, dropping off dogs (one to the kennel and one to a friend) and heading up to the mountains to camp (in cabins) for the weekend with C's Trail Life group!! 

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  1. Glad that your husband's heart test went well. That has to be so scary!