Monday, February 10, 2020

Rain, New House & Camping

It rained like crazy Thursday! It was pouring so much on the way to my first school drop that I almost turned around and went back home but I ended up taking all three of the older kids to school then started getting calls from the schools around 10. The girls got out at 11 and C got out at 12. Both schools released right in the middle of a tornado watch, pouring rain and flooding streets due to the fact it was supposed to get worse as the day went on. It did storm the rest of the day and through the night and then schools opened 2 hours late the next morning. 

C skipped school Friday since a 10:30 drop off wasn't going to work with our schedule. My husband had the day off and we drove up to sign papers for our new house!!! So exciting!! This is the property our house will be built on and we hope to be in sometime in November! It's going to be a long wait but worth it! We are so excited! 

Friday was a crazy day with delayed school openings, signing papers for the new house, dropping off both dogs at two different locations for the weekend and packing to go camping! 

C's Trail Life group had a camp this past weekend and families are welcome. The girls and I wanted to go this time and I'm so glad we did. It was a lot of fun!! Trail Life is such a great group for boys! 

We got there after dark Friday night, visited with friends, hung out around the campfire, unpacked and set up our beds in the cabins. Saturday morning C was already out helping cut up branches from a tree that had fallen in the storm. 

C getting ready to serve lunch with some friends 

 The little girls being silly on our walk from the cabin to the big campfire. 

L just looking cute by the fire

 S being silly at lunch haha

 After lunch all the older kids, the dads and some of the moms went on a long hike. The little girls and I stayed in the empty dining hall, had hot chocolate and played with some Legos that were there. It started snowing during this time and kept snowing for a while but nothing stuck.

L with a friend around the fire Saturday night 

 L was cracking us up at dinner Saturday evening haha!! Apparently

she likes to taste the pickle but doesn't actually want to eat it. 

 Just looking cute! (I always have more pics of L because the other kids are usually running

off somewhere while she is always right by me.) 

 S playing Connect Four with all the boys! 

 J made a new friend.. another sister of one of the Trailmen. 

L walking along the stone wall while I was packing up. 

We had a fun and busy weekend! I think we may go back to the same camp this spring! 

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