Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Day 1 On A Schedule

Just like everyone else this is our first week being stuck at home for who-knows-how-long. We were super lazy Monday and Tuesday. I slept in WAY too late and there was total chaos around here. I decided I had to put a schedule of sorts in place if I wanted to keep my sanity. So today is day one of being on a schedule. 

I wrote out a schedule last night and the 3 older kids woke up before me and were super excited to start on the scheduled day while L and I slept in again. Ha! I did wake up earlier today than I did Monday and Tuesday so that's a start anyway. 

This morning after breakfast the three older kids had Bible time. J and C have some Bible workbooks they've been working through off and on so they did that. And my mom helped S start learning a Bible verse. 

After unloading and loading the dishwasher we took the dogs on a walk down the street then came home for "school" time which turned into drawing lessons from YouTube while I updated Instagram and my blog. 

C and S both drew a pizza guy from this Art For Kids Hub YouTube lesson. I think they both did great! Art For Kids Hub has tons of other fun art lessons!

J wanted to work on something a little more realistic looking. I think her drawing looks great but she was getting frustrated with it and wants to work on it again later. 

 Even my mom draws pretty good! 

 S drew another pizza guy from her own imagination. :) 

And L is starting to draw better and better! She said this was her and our puppy. :) And she wrote her name. She got all the letters of her name right.. just wrote them in the wrong order. I was impressed but we'll have to work on the correct order. :) 

All my kids LOVE art so much so I think daily art lessons will be a great idea while we're stuck at home! Since I'm already planning to homeschool all the kids this fall this is giving us a great head start and I actually love having everyone at home all day! 

After lunch we need to go pick up school work for the two older girls, then we'll come home for quiet time, outdoor time, chores and maybe a little more "school" time.. maybe a virtual fieldtrip or something. I guess real school work will start for the girls tomorrow and I think we'll be picking up school work for C on Friday. 

I'm linking up to Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop today.

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