Saturday, April 18, 2020

Disney Springs

We skipped a day between Disney Parks on Tuesday, Nov. 19th. Instead we slept in at our AirBNB, hung around the house for a while. I think we went to Chik-Fil-A for lunch, got Starbucks and then went to several little souvenir shops. We loved these shirts we saw at one shop and I love the kids' expressions here haha! There wasn't a Trouble #4 for L to hold up. 

We went back to the AirBNB to rest and hang out for a few hours. I'm pretty sure we ate dinner at the house but can't really remember. We decided to go to Disney Springs that evening. 

 My husband and I went to Disney Springs several years ago (I think it was 2010) and we remember it being completely different back then. We weren't really sure what Disney Springs would be like in November so we just were kind of walking around near one of the entrances and didn't see too much except a lake close by. We walked over and there was a a few people waiting for a ferry. We had no idea where it was headed but I thought a free ferry ride at night would be fun for the kids lol so we got on and discovered they were headed over to the busy area with lots of shops and resturants.... so that worked out! That's what we were hoping to find anyway. (We were/are such first time Disney people haha!) 

 The kids enjoyed the ferry. 

 We got off the ferry right by the Lego store. 

This huge Lego dragon is right there in the lake. 

 The guys next to a StarWars Lego display

 I've never watched a full Star Wars movie although my husband (and now C) loves them! 

I do think BB8 is cute but that's about all I know about Star Wars

 The girls with some Lego stuff. 

 We browsed around World Of Disney for quite a while.

 I was amazed by the size of the store and all the stuff! 

 And I loved all the sketches of the characters around the store. So cute! 

 J was considering these earrings but decided on sparkly Minnie ones instead. 

 Back outside some of the kids got a penny made into a Disney coin

 We loved all the balloons we saw! 

 S in front of the World Of Disney. You can hardly see her 

but she wanted a pic with that Stitch

 J with the people on stilts. 

 More Lego pics

 We walked over the this place for a (super rich) snack. We ended up splitting several things. Delicious but very rich! 

 Pretty fountain outside 

 C is obsessed with Under Armor so I had to get a pic of him by this huge 

mannequin/shirt in the store 

 Just a few more random pics of us at Disney Springs. It was a lot of fun and I'm glad 

we went! We hardly bought anything but it was fun to just window shop and walk around. 

There was a good size crowd there, live music and I think a few little shows going on outside... maybe a magician and a few similar things if I remember correctly. So it was a fun, busy environment and gave us something to do on the evening between going to Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. 

Hollywood Studios, Part 1 coming up tomorrow. 

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  1. Glad you found the busy area! We love Disney Springs for a non-park day. I have a picture of my kids by that Lego sign / mural too!