Friday, April 17, 2020

Magic Kingdom, Part 2

The older kids and I walked through Swiss Robinson Treehouse while the little girls

napped and my husband sat down on a bench and rested. 

I don't know the story of Swiss Family Robinson but the older kids and I 

all want to watch it now. The treehouse had little rooms set 

up.. I'm guessing similar to the movie? 

At some point the kids and I all rode the carousel! First time around J, S and I rode it. S was, surprisingly, a little scared of some of the rides. She's our tough little, tree climbing tomboy but we hadn't gone to many amusement parks before so some of the rides took some getting used to on her end. My husband and C waited by the stroller where L was napping again while the older girls and I rode the carousel. 

L woke up while we were on the carousel wanted to ride too. We weren't able to do the DAS pass there but were able to wait by the wheelchair entrance. They forgot about us by the wheelchair entrance though so we waited forever but ended up getting to go around twice! L set on her own horse the second time around! I was so proud of her!

 After the carousel we decided go on the Little Mermaid ride. It was really cute! 

I think I have videos of the ride on Instagram stories but none 

of my still pictures turned out. 

 We ate dinner at Peco's Bills in Frontierland. The dinner was pretty good and not 

too expensive. They have a salad bar with lots of yummy sides! 

I had to get a pic of J with this shirt with her name on it! 

 We passed by the castle after dinner. 

J really wanted to ride the Astro Orbitor after dinner. The line was pretty long but moved 

pretty fast. We loved this ride.. especially at night! It was a lot of fun! I love how it's up so high above everything else! 

After the ride I started getting a typical sensory overload migraine but luckily always have my meds with me so it didn't get too bad! 

Around this time we went into another gift shop where S decided she wanted a baby Stitch instead of the baby Simba she had bought earlier. If I remember correctly I think she wanted baby Stitch to begin with but the first store didn't have it. But this second shop did have it. I figured it didn't hurt to ask if they would exchange it and was pleasantly surprised when they said they would. S quickly gave up her baby Simba in exchange for a baby Stitch but poor L had a total meltdown and cried and cried and cried and just couldn't decide what to do. She wanted to keep her baby Dumbo but wanted a baby Stitch too but we weren't going to spend $30 on another one (which would turn into $60 because then S would want two.. then the older kids would want more stuff... you know how it can snowball.) By this time I was kicking myself for even bringing up an exchange but we were in the thick of it so I had to calm L down several times while we talked through this whole thing over and over. She was also exhausted after a long day so that made it even worse. In the end she decided to exchange baby Dumbo for a baby Stitch so her and S could have matching babies. Oh the drama of being a 4 yr old haha! Poor thing. 

Afterwards it was about time for fireworks to start so we found 

a place to watch them among the crowd. 

The show was so amazing!! We all just loved it and 

loved that it went on for so long!! 

I got some pics of Main Street after the show.

I love the old fashion outfits the Starbucks baristas wore and 

the old fashion look to the shop. 

Of course I needed another Starbucks by then and the 2 older kids 

used some of their own money for frappucinos.

More shots of Main Street. Everything was so pretty! 

Since this was our only day at Magic Kingdom I insisted on the taking the monorail

back to our van. My husband was sure the ferry would be faster but I figured the ferry 

line would be just as long and wanted to try something different since we had already taken the ferry that morning. You can tell just how thrilled my husband was to wait in the monorail line lol! The little girls were both asleep again buy this time. 

These two were all hyper and wide awake after Starbucks ha! 


Disney Springs coming up tomorrow! 


  1. Absolutely stunning, thanks for sharing! I have visited several Disneys around the world and its been so long ago now, this really brought back the magic!! Love it!!I miss Disney!

  2. Great fireworks pictures! I love the Little Mermaid ride.