Monday, April 13, 2020

Easter 2020

I have a tradition of taking pics of the kids every Easter. We didn't buy any new Easter clothes this year so I just had them change into spring colored clothes they already had. I had them jump in this picture on a whim and just couldn't resist captioning it "Hoppy Easter" lol. 

I discovered a few different edits on an app on my phone so played around with those a bit. 

It started storming right after we came in from taking pictures so I set up a little Easter egg hunt upstairs and the kids opened their baskets. 

I found these candies with ducks beaks and rabbit teeth for the kids haha! 

Right before bedtime in her Christmas jammies and bunny ears haha! 

We didn't get around to decorating Easter Eggs yesterday so we'll 

probably do that this evening. Here is a look back at our past several Easters.

Hope everyone had a great Easter!! 

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