Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Disney Trip, On Our Way!

We went to Disney last November but it's taking me until now to actually post about it! Quarantine is a great time to get caught up! 

Bags all packed the night before! 

I found the Disney nail stickers at Dollar Tree. My husband helped S put them on the night before our trip. :) 

On our way! The kids were hyper! 

The kids actually went in to a gas station looking like this and bouncing off the walls! Haha! 

Finally arrived at our AirBNB late Sunday evening! 

They had cute towel figures set up for us. 

The room J and C stayed in. 

The room the little girls were supposed to stay in.. but they ended up sleeping in our room.

We picked a house that could sleep 8-10 in case any of our family decided to come with us. No one could come so we ended up having 2 bedrooms that we didn't use at all but it was nice to have so much space! 

C found this hat in a closet at the AirBnB.

There was a huge Wal-Mart about 5-10 minutes away with tons of Disney souvenirs! This was just a glimpse of the Disney shirt section. They also had hats, keychains, cups, toys, bags.. pretty much everything you can think of! That Wal-Mart was crazy.. packed with tons of people from all over, lots of different languages, culture, etc. Much like we would see at Disney the next day. 

First day at Magic Kingdom coming up tomorrow! And you can read my post about Disney planning here

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