Sunday, April 19, 2020

Hollywood Studios, Part 2

L got to meet Minnie (her favorite!) while my husband and the 

other kids were off doing something else. This is one of my favorite

pics from our whole trip! 

 She was a little more shy meeting Mickey

 I think L and I met up with the rest of the family for lunch after we met 

Mickey & Minnie and then split ways  again. If I don't have a picture of 

it I really can't remember exactly which order we did everything. 

 L and I just happened upon this area with lots of fun characters! 

She got to meet Doc McStuffins and a few others! 

 She was excited to meet them all and get their autographs even though she really

 doesn't watch any of their shows that much. 

 At some point after lunch I got a terrible migraine that went on for a while. That's probably why part of this day was just a blur for me. I have SPD (just like L) and getting a migraine from sensory overload is a given on ANY day long outing. Migraines are just something I have to plan on but this one was really, really bad. I had to sit on a bench for a while with icepacks on my head (we had icepacks in our packed lunches) and took my shoes off. Afterwards I was completely exhausted even after the migraine went away. The rest of the family was finishing up a snack at Backlot Express while I set on the bench then they joined me and the little girls played in the dirt for awhile. S cracks me up here sitting like a total tomboy lol! 

I have SO many pics that I feel like I need to make several posts. 

Hollywood Studios, Part 3 coming up.... 

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  1. When Zachary was little he loved Sorcerer Mickey. He loved meeting him in that costume!

  2. I have never seen Mickey and Minnie in that backdrop before. I too find I need a picture to remember when/ what order everything happened.