Sunday, April 19, 2020

Hollywood Studios, Part 3

 The guys making C's light sabor 

Storm Troopers in the Star Wars area 

We saw Chewbacca kind of behind the scenes 

 Love this shot of these two! 

 More Star Wars                                  stuff. 

 Off to Toy Story Land! 

J was so excited to ride Slinky Dog Dash but it was closed for some reason. 

Around this time L fell asleep in the stroller and my husband and 

the older 3 went off to ride Toy Story Mania. 

Something seemed a little off about L while she was napping. She made a several jerky movements that made me uneasy.. she wasn't seizing but something just seemed off so I kept a close eye on her. At some point I realized she had had an accident in her sleep and was SOAKED. I quickly hurried her off to the bathroom and cleaned her up as best I could. I had a pair of clean under things for her (in her seizure kit) but no clean clothes and she was soaked from head to toe. After I cleaned her up I put my jacket around her and set off to find some new clothes. I stopped at the first little kiosk I could find (right across from Toy Story Mania) and asked if any stores nearby sold clothes and told them what happened. They were so sweet! The girl I was talking to quickly spoke to another employee who came over to us and wrote out like a $45-$50 gift certificate to buy an outfit for L! I almost started crying. It was the sweetest thing and totally unexpected. We went to Disney on a budget and certainly hadn't planned on buying a new outfit in the park. After a difficult day this totally lifted my spirits so much and L was really excited to pick out something new! 

 Everything was so pretty at night! 

 L in her new Disney outfit! 

We had dinner back at Backlot Express. The food is good, inexpensive and a

very laidback area. When we went for dinner it was almost empty too. I had another

 migraine by then so needed more meds.. then we headed to Starbucks..

 Thankfully this migraine wasn't as bad as the one I had had earlier. J and 

I walked around to several shops together to relax a little.

Afterwards we watched the fireworks and all the fake snow falling down! It was so pretty! I have several videos (some I'll upload to Instagram) but only this one picture. 

This rounds up our two days at Disney! 

The rest of our Florida vacation coming up soon including a day at the beach, a

day at Lego Land and a summary of what we loved, didn't love and what we'll do different for our next Disney vacation! 

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  1. You got some Disney magic with that gift certificate!

  2. That was so sweet of the employee to give you a gift certificate for new clothes. That's why I love Disney sooooo much. We went to Disneyland in December and I wish we would have snuck in Universal Studios. I sooo want to visit the Florida parks too.

  3. I just love Disney for those little moments like that where they really come through going above and beyond what you had hoped for!!