Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Cocoa Beach!

We went to Cocoa Beach on the Thursday of our week in Florida! 

I love getting carefree shots of the kids playing in the water! 

 No idea what L was doing here but she was cracking us up! 

 We spent probably 3 hours at the beach. We were all really tired from Hollywood Studios the day before so just a few hours felt perfect to all of us! We packed a lunch and ate it and some tables set up by the parking lot before we left.

I couldn't believe I found all 4 of kids' names (C's middle name) on these little surf boards at a shop on the beach! All the right spellings too! I didn't see a reason to buy them but had to get a pic because this was definitely a first! 

After the beach we just headed back to the AirBNB for the evening since we would have to be at Lego Land bright and early the next day! 

You can find all the posts about our first trip to Disney/family trip to Orlando here. Lego Land coming up! 


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