Monday, April 27, 2020

Lego Land, Part 3 + summary of visit

 If I remember correctly the park closes at different times throughout the week. 

On the day that we were there it closed early... before dark. 

After the last ride closed we had a little time to get pics by few exhibits. 

 L was definitely over the pics by this time. Love how she crossed her arms here haha. 

Okay, now to sum up our visit. 

What I Wish We Had Done Differently/What We Will Do Next Time: 
I wish I had planned our Lego Land trip a little better. I was so busy planning for Disney that I didn't really focus as much on Lego Land before we left. I think we could've planned our day a little better and fit more in if we had tried. That said, it was also nice to just move at slow pace without trying to cram everything in. If we go again I think we would plan at least 2 days at the park... especially since they close so early. There were fun looking rides and exhibits that we came across throughout the day but we didn't have enough time for all of them.

The weather was absolutely perfect when we went in November but going in November also meant the water stuff was closed. If we go again we might try to go at a time when the water activities are still open. 

We saw some families with custom made Lego shirts which I thought was a really cute idea! I didn't even think of that before we left but I think it would be fun to do next time! 

We didn't like the fact that food options seemed very lacking, there was no Starbucks or any coffee shop on site (at least no coffee shop that we could find.) A little cafe type place in sold bottled coffee drinks but had a small selection and didn't have the type of iced coffee I was looking for. There is a Starbucks right down the street and it was super easy to get in and out of Lego Land for a Starbucks run so that was good! 

Several of the exhibits (especially Mini Land) seemed older and in need of a repair or replacement. And this is very trivial but for some reason the real water in the tiny lakes in Mini Land were colorless. I thought making the water blue (or at least painting the inside of the lakes blue) would make it look a lot better! Yeah, I know that is really minor but that was my thought on that ha! 

The early closing was also a disappointment.

We loved that Lego Land is great for all ages with the Duplo area for little ones and plenty of stuff for the big kids and adults! 

C had fun trading Lego figures. I forgot to mention that earlier but he did have a lot of fun with that! 

Lots of fun rides and activities! 

I'm not sure if Lego Land is always slow paced but if it is I would say it's an ideal place for kids with autism or sensory issues given the more quiet environment, ability to go at your own pace and no crowds compared to Disney. We didn't use them but I found out beforehand that Lego Land has quiet rooms (read more about them here) for children and adults who need a quiet place to unwind or calm down. 

To sum it all up: Lego Land was both a bit of a relief and a bit of disappointment after Disney. The fact that it was quiet, less crowded and much more slow paced was a relief due to the fact that L and I were both kind of over the crazy sensory overload of Disney. Yet at the same time the lack of activity made the whole place feel kind of lifeless and not that exciting after Disney. (Again this was a Friday in November. I have no idea what the crowds are like other times of the year.) 

Overall we did have a fun time at Lego Land and I think the change of pace was nice and much needed by then. I was especially glad that L was able to have a slower paced day at an amusement park. She did so well at Lego Land and seemed to really be able to enjoy everything in a way she wasn't able to at Disney. 

I think we would definitely go again but just plan a little better next time and plan to spend two days minimum. 

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  1. Sounds like a great trip- but yes isn't hard to compare anything to Disney? I feel you! :)