Sunday, April 26, 2020

Lego Land, Part 2

 The kids enjoyed rock climbing and spinning playground toys in Lego Ninjago World

 My husband and the older three kids went on the Lego Ninjago Ride

 I have videos (no pics) of the kids playing Jay's Lightning Drill. All 4 of them had fun with it! 

 Waiting in line at Safari Trek in Land Of Adventure. 

L had just gotten her finger shut in a bathroom door so she's holding it up here, 

showing it to me, and S is looking at her with concern. 

 Starting the Safari ride 

 I told J to sit up straight in this one haha!

 My husband and J went on another rollarcoaster ride while I browsed around the 

Star Wars display and Mini Land with the younger three. 

 Over in Heartlake City

 J and my husband rode Mia's Riding Adventure! I thought it looked like so much fun but those 2 barely got on the last ride of the day before they closed. I'm pretty sure our little girls were too little to ride and C wasn't interested so our whole family wasn't able to ride it together. I think J really enjoyed it though! 

 The rides were all closing by this point but we got 

some pictures of the kids before the park closed. 

To be continued... part 3 coming soon

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