Monday, April 29, 2013

migraines & misc monday

We had a crazy weekend complete with too many migraines. Ugh! Saturday morning I managed to get myself and the kids over to a friend's house for a come and go Thirty One party / see her new house. I was not feeling well but it was nice to get out. My kids were the only kids there and my friend's mom was super sweet and took them outside to play for a long time. The kids had a blast playing in the backyard tree house!

Sunday I woke up feeling okay-ish and managed to get to church where I felt progressively worse. :( By this time I was out of my prescription meds. I spent most of Sunday afternoon and evening laying around or trying every migraine relief trick I could think of. Nothing worked. My mom has a friend who has given me prescription meds occasionally when I'm desperate. Thankfully I was able to get a couple last night and finally started feeling better! This sweet lady is going to get a huge thank you from me in a few days.. I'm thinking flowers, gift card and a thank you card or something?? She has been a life saver.

We had a play date planned for this morning but we both canceled. I wanted to get to the doctor this morning but can't. It will have to wait until tomorrow. It's nice to stay home and relax on Mondays anyway.. and especially after a rough migraine filled weekend. So much to catch up on and it's nice to just relax too! Back to back migraines.. and especially without meds.. totally wear me out. I'm seriously thinking about looking into Botox to get control of these blasted migraines. That's an option I've heard about and I'm honestly just about that desperate at this point. After nearly 20 years this is just ridiculous!

In other news the weather around here has been beautiful the past couple of days! We've been working on the yard a lot lately. I absolutely love working in the yard. Something about being outside and doing hands on work just clears the mind and makes you feel alive. Our front yard is looking pretty good but the backyard is a disaster again. We put a ton of time and energy into the backyard last fall (lots of wedding by hand and picking up rocks) and now it looks worse than ever again. We're just going to go with weed killer and grass seed this time around. I'm not about to pull all those weeds by hand again!

I just signed the kids up for swim lessons next month and will be signing them up for gymnastics this summer. J has been asking to take gymnastics for quite a while. She was super excited when I told her she could take gymnastics this summer! I'd like to find a VBS for one of both kids this summer too.. then we'll be all set.

You know how, on Twitter, you can see at a glance who follows you back? I wish there was an option for that on GFC and Google+ and Instagram. A pet peeve of mine is following people who don't follow back but then again I don't have time to sort through all that. A good rule of the thumb, I suppose, is to only follow who you enjoy following, regardless.

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  1. I'm a follow back kind of girl, too. It's not the nicest thing when people don't return the favor at "hops"...a forum which boasts this "expected" rule...don't you think? :)

    I'm sorry about your migraines. It sounds awful. I would try Botox, too! Anything to help at this point. Sending prayers of breakthrough your way...