Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday Top 5 Laughs

1} Unfortunately I've gotten back in my terrible Starbucks frappucino habit. I've been getting them 2 to 3 times a week. The kids always beg for a couple sips and C's always trying to figure out a way to get more. Yesterday at Starbucks he claimed his cup of ice water was too cold to carry but sweetly offered to carry my 'chocolate' [frappucino] to the car for me. Ha! Sneaky boy.

2} When the kids were little it was next to impossible to get nasal spray into their noses when they were sick or had allergies. But these days they *have* to have nasal spray before bed. J can't go to sleep without it. It's funny.. if we forget she'll get out of bed and remind us. I guess it's kind of sad too because she must really need it and knows how much it helps.

3} C is still sleeping in our bed (don't judge) but we recently set up a nice, big bed for him in his room. We promised him a toy if he sleeps in his bed for a whole week. He's had a steering wheel toy picked out for awhile but the other night he told us that he's decided he wants a different toy after he starts sleeping in his bed and said he'll just go ahead and get the steering wheel for Christmas. Haha! I'm telling you he is sneaky. I guess that means he never plans on sleeping in his bed. Ha!

4} J normally goes to bed about an hour before C does. C will sit with us on the couch and watch TV for a while or lay in bed with us before falling asleep. We have the funniest conversations with him late at night. I think I've mentioned before that he talks a lot about growing up and getting married. The other day he wanted to know who his little sister is going to grow up and marry. Ha! We told him that was at least 25 years away. Then he wanted to know who he would marry. We told him he'll probably meet someone at church or school when he gets older. He got really quiet and thoughtful and said "Maybe I will marry "E"!" ("E" is a little girl from his class at Mother's Day Out.) Since then he's mentioned marrying her a few more times. The other day after school I asked him if he played with E that day. He said "Yeah, but I didn't tell her I'm going to marry her." Haha! Then he found out his class will be doing a book exchange for their Christmas party next week and he wants to buy a ballerina book for her. He's so funny! I guess this is his first little crush. :)

5} I've had the kids' Christmas gifts wrapped for awhile but wasn't sure about putting them under the tree just yet. I'm afraid C will have a hard time staying away from them. But yesterday I decided to go ahead and put them under the tree and the kids helped me carry the gifts into the living room. C happened to be holding a wrapped box of Legos and he shook it. He immediately said "These are Legos!" and J agreed with him. I told them lots of things rattle like that and it could be anything. Haha! But the kids ran to get a box of Legos they already have and they shook it and said "Nope, that gift IS Legos.. see these Legos make the same sound!" Dang, they're too smart. Ha!

And one more...

6} We've always taught the kids that Santa isn't real and it's us who give them all their Christmas gifts but I think they want to believe he's really real. They'll see a Santa on TV or somewhere and be like "See Mom, Santa IS real! He's right there!" Haha!!

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