Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thursday Random

Lots of cellphone pics from the last few days. I finally got a nice(r) camera but still take more cellphone pics than anything. It's just so convenient. 

The hubby and I had a date night a few weeks ago and stopped by the Galleria. I love their big tree. I'd love to take the kids iceskating here during the Christmas season one year (when I'm not 8.5 months pregnant. Ha!)

 J and I went Christmas shopping this past Sunday evening. I love this pretty snow globe from TJ Maxx.

J and I fell in love with the white bird and white cottage ornaments that we found at Michael's. Not only are they cute but they match my all silver, white and blue tree. :) I'm driving the kids crazy this year with my tree. They have a small tree with their colorful ornaments on it but they're anxious for a big tree full of fun and colorful ornaments.. so I'm promising one for next year. But I'll still keep my own silver, white and blue tree on the side. :)

 J loved this big sleigh at HomeGoods.

 After shopping we stopped by Starbucks for a late night snack and a little relaxing before heading home. Unfortunately I've gone back to getting Starbucks frappucinos after avoiding them for over a year. I used to buy a venti every single day for years until I decided to quit cold turkey one day. But a few weeks ago I caved after not buying a frappucino for a long, long time. After caving ONE TIME things have gone down hill quickly. I'm only getting a tall (or grande) a few times a week and I'm telling myself that's a lot better than the daily/venti habit I had during my other 2 pregnancies. ;) I also love and crave Starbucks water! Best water ever! I craved it like crazy when I was pregnant with C.

I just love it when J falls asleep during quiet time. She hardly ever naps any more but I just love her sweet little face when I find her asleep on the couch. :) I guess she was really tired yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon the kids and I made a few ornaments. We used nail polish, ribbon, glitter and silk flowers. C and I weren't crazy about the button one so we replaced the buttons with something else.

The kids had their Christmas parties and book exchanges at school today. Today was their last day of school until January 7th. (Oh joy.) I'm not sure how we're going to survive 3 weeks at home. The kids are used to school twice a week and they love it. I'd be happy to take them out a few times a week but at this point even a quick trip to WalMart wears me out. I'm thinking they'll be seeing grandma quite a bit the next few weeks. :) 

J is going to be in a little Christmas play at church on Christmas Eve. She's so excited and I'm excited about it too. This will be the first part either kid has had in a play and she's going to be one of the angels. I think she'll do great and I can't wait to see her on stage! :) 

It's hard to believe and funny that 5 years ago I was 8.5 months pregnant with J and here I am again, five years later, 8.5 months pregnant with another little girl. J was due February 5th (but came 2 weeks early) and this one is due January 31st. I'm hoping they don't share an actual birthday but it's fun that they should be sharing a birthday month. What more can a little girl ask for for her 5th birthday than a new baby sister? J is so excited! And I can't wait to see both big kids with a new baby! This will be a whole new experience since J was only 19 months (still a baby herself) when C came along. This time around both older kids are so excited and independent and can understand so much more. I'm so excited to see them with the new baby! :) 

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