Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sea World! {Part 2}

After the Shama show we watched the "Azul" show. It was pretty good. A lot more to see, actually, than the Shamu show. 

I snapped a few cellphone pics of the kids and I. I know my husband has tons of pictures on his phone too but I haven't taken the time to go through those. He takes pretty good cellphone pics too so he has some great shots of the shows and everything. Oh well.

After the "Azul" show we went over the shark aquarium. C was pretty excited to see real sharks. Ha! 

The aquarium was pretty dark so it was hard to get pictures but here's one shark. :) 

I liked the round window and like the way this picture came out. 

After the sharks we had to stop by the dolphin pool one last time. We were hoping to pet them again but they didn't swim close enough. J and I could've stood there all day. The dolphins are so fun and cute to watch. 

A few family pics before we left. 

I forgot to mention the weather was absolutely perfect the day we went! This is the second time I've been to San Antonio in October and I think it's the perfect time of year to go. 

By the time we left Sea World we were starving and exhausted. I don't think Five Guys has ever tasted SO good!

J drew this in her little notebook as soon as we left Sea World. I think I helped her with the tail but she did a pretty good job. :) She loves to draw and she's getting better all the time.

Even though it was a quick trip we had a great time at Sea World! The kids are ready to go back again!

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