Friday, August 24, 2018

Friday Favorites

I'm linking up to Friday Favorite with Momfessionals today

We're enjoying the last week of summer before school starts next week! And I'm loving the fact that ALL four of my kids can play in the pool independently while I relax under an umbrella for a few minutes. This is the first time I've been able to step away from the pool alone for years! 

(Pic via O P I)

I'm loving bright pink polish on my toenails! I've been painting my nails light blue all summer but finally pulled out my O P I  bright pink. Bright pink is one of my all time favorites.. especially for summer!

(Pic via

After seeing author Kristin Hannah mentioned on several blogs recently I decided to get Home Front from the library last night. Looks like a good read! I may start reading it at the pool this afternoon.

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I grew up drinking sweet tea but switched to unsweet several years ago. This summer I've been making like 2 gallons a week! As much as I love iced coffee I would give it up if I had to choose between iced tea or iced coffee ha! Iced tea is the most refreshing drink for me... especially in the summer! I drink it with almost every meal and several times throughout the day.

(Pic via Google, HGTV Tiny Houses)

I started watching HGTV's Tiny Houses on Hulu a couple days ago. I'm pretty sure I could never live in one.. especially with 4 kids... but it's fun to watch and I'm obsessed with everything they can fit into such a tiny space!

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I've been thinking about putting Indie in equine therapy for SPD and to help stabilize her core. She seems excited about the idea but that could all change once she actually gets close to a horse ha! We're waiting for an okay from her doctor but thinking it should be fine. There's a few local stables that offer therapy and I'd love to get her in around her third birthday if we can!

Hope everyone has is having a great Friday! We are off to the pool for a couple hours and my oldest and I have a full day of shopping planned for tomorrow!


  1. It's so great when they are independent enough swimmers that you don't need to be right there with them.. mine were old enough this year that I let them swim without me even being outside as long as there were at least two of them in the water together and I just reminded them they had to keep an eye out for each other. That was life changing! (of course I couldn't go more than a handful of minutes without peeking out the window but as teenagers they really should be OK playing in water that really isn't even over their heads). I love Kristin Hannah but hadn't heard of that book; I am going to have to check that out! My favorite book by her is Winter Garden.

  2. I love that I can let my kids go in the water by themselves. It made going to the pool pretty fun this year! Horseback riding sounds like it could be great!