Wednesday, August 22, 2018

visiting the dentist

 All four kids had check-ups at the dentist yesterday morning. I guess my kids are growing up. They've surprised me a few times recently with how smoothly everything has gone with all 4 in tow. They were amazing during our visit to Shriners last week and did really well yesterday too! 

 The little girls played in the window seat while watching the older kids get their cleanings done.

 The big kids did great, of course! They've been to the dentist many times before and poor Mar has 
braces so she knows all about these type of appointments. (Alex's feet look huge here ha!) 

This was our first visit to this particular dentist and we were all really impressed! I'm really glad the same dentist will be working on them every visit. We've gone to offices in the past where there was a different dentist every visit and that's just not something I'm a fan of. I prefer to get to know one and stick with them long term.

The little girls played in the play room for awhile while waiting their turn. They loved these steps and danced around on here. There was also a Panthers video game in the corner. Sol announced to another little girl and her mother that she (Sol) "isn't allowed to like the Panthers. If she likes them she'll be kicked out of the house." Haha!! Her daddy is training her well. 

 Indie surprised me by climbing right up in the chair when her turn came! Sol hung back, surprisingly, but Indie was ready to go! But then Indie was ready to get out and run away by the time the dental hygienist came by. I had to sit by her and gently hold her down while they did a really quick cleaning and then, later, a quick look by the dentist. Overall she did great though!

 Once Sol got in her chair she did amazing! She just held her Build-A-Bear dog tightly and didn't seem phased at all. I'm glad because it turns out she has quite a few cavities and has 3 more appointments coming up. :( I feel so guilty but I think she'll handle it pretty well.

Sol looked sooo cute sitting here for her x-rays. I peeked into the room and had to snap a quick picture. She did so well getting x-rays too. :)

Alex has to go back tomorrow to have a baby tooth pulled and one cavity filled but the other two girls looked great with no cavities at all!

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  1. I usually take two of mine to the dentist at one time, and even that is hard. Taking four at once must be stressful. But they did great!