Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Homeschool Needs & Wants

This will be our first year homeschooling! We're really excited to set up, 
decorate and organize a homeschool room!

I thought about using our dining room but decided the playroom would be better. 
I actually want to make it a homeschool/craft/playroom.

This is one part of the playroom. The little girls had to be in my picture!

The room is bigger than it looks and this wall will be perfect for a desk. I don't expect
Mar to sit here every day but it would be nice for her to have this option..
 especially since she loves arts and crafts too! And I can use it for sewing 
(if I ever learn haha!) or crafts. I'm thinking about hanging my curbside find/crib 
spring on this wall but haven't decided where it's going for sure.

This is the type of desk I have in mind. (Photo from Pinterest.) I really love all 
the organizational things hung on the wall here. Ideally I'd like something like this over
our desk but the crib spring might work out well too.. 

I love this utility cart! I actually had a similar one from Ikea several years ago before I 
sold it due to severe lack of space or maybe too much clutter in our then tiny little house. 
I see these carts everywhere and always wish I had held on to the one I had. It'll be great 
for school supplies, crafts or maybe my own stuff  that will be off limit to the kids.

A storage cart like this one will be nice for papers and things! I love the rolling carts 
for several reasons but most of all the fact that they're easy to move around. If someone wants 
to do school work or a project in the dining room it's super easy to wheel all her stuff over
in a cart and then put it back in the playroom when she's done.
An electric pencil sharpener probably makes more sense but this old style is
cute and reminds me of my childhood. One of these will probably be good for 
my kids ha! Everything is just too easy these days. They can use their muscles to 
sharpen a few pencils. (Yeah, we'll probably end up with an electric one anyway.) 

This metal tiered thing will make an adorable holder for school supplies! See 
this one on Pinterest.  I'm pretty sure I need one for my kitchen as well. These
things are adorable! I've been eyeing them forever but keep forgetting to get one ha! 

This wooden bottle caddy is so cute for pencils and things too! 
(Bottom photo via Pinterest from one of my long time favorite bloggers at Sunny Side Up
Her house and organizational skills are amazing!!) I've seen several, similar wooden
and even metal caddies that would be great for school stuff! 

We'll also want a globe although I did find a huge world map at the Dollar Tree! 
It's way bigger I expected and I'm going to hang it up soon.

I also got a marker board calendar at the Target dollar bin this morning. The 
dollar bins at Target are full of the cutest school décor right now! 

This will be our first year homeschooling but our situation is kind of confusing ha! It 
looks like our kids are going a few different directions this year.

Short version: Nine year old and 4 year old will be at home. Soon-to-be-eight-year-old 
is going to stay in public school and soon-to-be-three-year-old will most likely be 
going to a different public school for early childhood classes starting in late October or Nov.

Long version: Up until now our oldest two have been in public and Alex will stay 
in public for second grade this year. Sol will be going to public for kindergarten next year. 
She's been begging to go to preschool but that isn't anything we did for our 
older kids and I want to keep her at home another year anyway. However, it looks like 
Indie (our tiny little  not so little any more 2 yr old!) will qualify for early childhood 
a few days a week at one of the elementary schools. (To make it even more confusing
 she'll be going to a different elementary school than Alex is going to.) I hate the idea of 
sending her off so young but it should only be for 3 mornings a week
 and I know it will be good for her situation. So, Sol (who wants to go to pre-k) will 
be here at home while her baby sister (most likely) goes off to "school". 
I want to incorporate a lot of fun, preschool things for Sol this year so 
she'll be prepared for kindergarten next year and won't feel left out when 
Indie is going off to school a few days a week. I've been showing Sol 
some fun ideas online and all the Target school décor so she's getting 
excited about the idea of staying home another year... especially since this is
 something that her and Mar will be doing together. :) 

I know these are all fun things for homeschool! I should probably figure 
out the things we're actually going to need this year. I have a good start
but need to add a few more things in for Mar to complete a full 4th grade curriculum. 

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! If you have any homeschool tips and ideas 
let me know! :) 

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