Friday, August 17, 2018

Indie's hip check up!

Yesterday was Indie's second hip check-up of the year. Her last check-up was in February.

We didn't leave early enough. I swear I'm always running way behind. The appointment was at 1:50. We left the house around 11:20 but had to make three stops on the way. I should've left at 10. We ran into tons of traffic but made it there around 2:20 and went straight to x-ray.

I had been trying to prepare Indie to lay down for her x-ray but of course they wanted her to stand for the first x-ray. Ha! She wasn't having it but the tech was so sweet and patient. She took an x-ray of Indie's little bear first. :) Once the bear had an x-ray and Indie went back to see it on the screen she settled down and stood nice and still.

Afterwards she had to lay down for an x-ray which didn't go over too well but we managed to get a great shot first try so that was good! 

The receptionist in the waiting area told me the older 3 kids did great while Indie was getting her x-rays. They all did great the entire time and we got a few compliments on how well behaved they were. I feel like we're such a loud, chaotic bunch so often so it's nice to get compliments and feel like we're doing something right occasionally ha! 

 After x-rays we went upstairs to wait for results and see the doctor. This was the first time we've gone to a room upstairs. It was like an actual hospital room with an exam table set up in the center. Indie did great in here! She even sat on the table and waited to be seen. I couldn't believe it. We took off her dress and the nurse watched her walk, run and walk on tiptoe. Then the doctor came in to look at her hips and legs. She did great the entire time! And the x-rays look amazing!! I was a little concerned after our  last appointment in February but everything is looking better. Her hip is developing and growing just right. We have another check-up in 6 months and may go to yearly check-ups after that! Great news! 

After a trip to Shriners I always realize, again, just how blessed we are. It's sobering to see the numerous patients we encounter with life long disabilities. My heart goes out to them and their families. We couldn't be more grateful to the doctors, nurses, staff and volunteers who work with these patients. Indie was previously a patient at Texas Scottish Rite in Dallas. Both hospitals are simply amazing. 

Sol loves her turtles and wanted a pic with this one. :) 

This was our first time upstairs at Shriners. I wish I had taken more pictures. There's a nice café area and a huge open lobby with toys, games, pool tables and more. Lots of seating and tons of magazines. It looked like there was a craft room off to one side too. I just love that there is so much for patients and their families to enjoy during their stay.

 Alex wanted his pic made next to the Yoda in the downstairs lobby. :)

 Both little girls had fun on the rocking horses. There are several set up both downstairs and upstairs.

We always pass this huge, landmark peach on our way to and from Shriners... close to the SC/NC border. We made a few stops on the way back and got home around 8. Overall it was a really smooth day and taking all 4 kids wasn't bad at all. 

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  1. Glad her appointment went well! Love the picture on the turtle.