Thursday, August 16, 2018

what's in my bag

I've lost count of the amount of diaper bags I've had in the past nine and half years. I love bags and have a slight addiction! I love bargains and have been fortunate to find a lot of great deals on second hand bags through the years. I found this Kate Spade Stevie online for just $15! It's a little worn but not bad at all. I'm surprised at how much I love it!

 I love it because it's a light weight nylon material that can easily be wiped off, it doesn't scream diaper bag.. I carry it when I'm out and about without the kids too... and it holds a TON!

 It's easy to keep organized a large zippered compartment in the center and two deep pockets on the front side of the interior.

These 2 pockets generally hold all this... migraine meds in my Ju-Ju-Be small set piece, small bottle of pain reliever (I take 2 of these with half a migraine pill), small brush, Downy, gum and sunglasses if I'm not wearing them.

The front section of my bag holds a Ju-Ju-Be medium set piece and a now retired Ju-Ju-Be Be Mine. I love, love, love this Be Mine in Lush Paisley! This is actually my second one. I bought one, didn't use it as often as I thought I would and sold it. Then I really regretted selling and had to get another!! The retired Lush Paisley print is my all time Ju-Ju-Be favorite and I have several small pieces in this print. (See I'm addicted to bags ha!)

 I love all the little compartments and extras, like the little mirror, inside the Be Mine. I usually keep med type things in here. Nasal spray, eye drops, a few bandaids and oinment, allergy pills, nail clippers, little flash light, etc.

 I keep make-up in the Ju-Ju-Be medium set piece in Queen Of The Nile print.

I keep my wallet in the center, zippered compartment of my bag. This wallet (Thirty-One's All About The Benjamins) was another great bargain.. just $10, second hand, in great condition!!

I keep these two pouches in the back zippered pocket of the bag. The Ju-Ju-Be Lush bag is custom made and perfect for personal products. The pink/brown bag is perfect for a couple combs and rubber bands for the kids.

 I the back section of the bag I keep a Travelon medium piece with granola bars for the kids and I. These Travelon bags are amazing and hold a ton! I have a couple three piece sets and use them pretty often in my diaper bag and while traveling.

 I keep diapers in a Ju-Ju-Be Be Quick! This bag is a great size and can be used for so many different things! It's a great size for all your diapering needs. I keep a small, thin change pad, a wipes container, big tube of Butt Paste and three size 5 diapers in ours.

I love this thin change pad for toddlers. It folds up tiny and you don't need anything very padded by the time they're toddlers. Ju-Ju-Be change pads (and all their bags!) are machine washable! 

The Kate Spade Stevie also comes with a detachable, adjustable long strap and build in stroller straps that tuck right inside when not in use. I tend to forget my individual stroller straps so it's nice to have them built in! I see myself carrying this bag long after Indie is potty trained. I love the fact that it doesn't look like a diaper bag, I love the black (goes with everything) and love that it's light weight but holds SO much!! Definitely one of my all time favorites! 

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  1. I love bags with lots of compartments. That's great that you found that one for such a deal!