Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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The little girls were so cute jumping in the pool Saturday. Follow me on Instagram to see
the cutest video of Indie trying to hold her nose lol.

This was taken last week but I love this pic! These two both named their babies "Emma" after their newest little cousin. They talk about her all the time even though she lives across the country and they've only seen her one time. So sweet. Indie has been making the funny faces recently!

We're having a very slow start to our week. I'm dealing with a cold + allergies. I had a cold and fever then it turned into terrible allergies.. or it's a combo of all three. I'm not sure just know that I've felt pretty lousy the past few days. I stayed home all day Sunday while J took the kids to church and then took the 3 younger ones to life group that evening.

Mar spent Sunday afternoon and evening with a school friend she hasn't seen since school let our in early June! They had a great time swimming together and playing board games! 

Yesterday morning we had children's development services come out to set up in home, occupational therapy for Indie. We're grateful for the therapy she'll receive for the next two months, until she turns three, but I'm getting a little frustrated with all of this. I'm learning that there's a huge difference between a private evaluation and an evaluation through the state. We were hopeful that she'd qualify for early childhood classes at a local elementary school.. and we're still waiting for that evaluation... but it's looking like she won't qualify. We'd really prefer to go with a private therapist which isn't covered by insurance so that's another frustration. I've been looking into other resources we could use but it hasn't been easy trying to figure out where to go from here. We're just praying we'll find the right answers and the right resources for her! 

Mar made an entire spaghetti dinner for all the kids and I last night! It was delicious! 

 J works a late shift so it's just me and kids during the week for dinner. Our dinner's usually look something like this haha!

 Alex's new backpack and matching lunchbox were delivered today! He was really excited to get them!! He'll turn 8 next week and then starts second grade one week after that! We have plans to go out as a family and do a little birthday shopping on Saturday. He's so excited and already has a list of places he wants to go! I can't believe he's almost 8!

Tomorrow we plan to spend another day at home unless I'm feeling better.. then we'll probably go to the pool and/or maybe the library.

Indie has a routine hip check-up this Thursday. (Here she is at her last check-up in February wearing little hospital shorts.) This time I'm taking all four kids with me which I haven't done before. Now that they're all a little older I'm expecting them to do pretty well but the appointments can run a little long and you never know how well anything will go with our loud, chaotic bunch ha! Indie has always freaked out during check-ups and especially during x-rays but I think she's starting to understand a little better. I've been trying to explain the x-ray process and trying to find videos on YouTube for her to watch so she can be a little more prepared this time. I'm hopeful that this time may go a little more smoothly. We're praying that her hip has continued to progress and heal properly! 

Hope everyone is having a great week!! 

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  1. Cute that Alex is the same age as Simon. Simon is actually starting 3rd grade though!