Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Princess Awesome

We're so excited to review these amazing items from Princess Awesome

Princess Awesome clothing and prints are unique in that they appeal to the tomboy
and the girly girl. I immediately thought of Sol, 4, when I found out about
Princess Awesome! Sol is our little tomboy but also has a girly girl side. 

I chose the Super Secret Hidden Ninja Twirly Play Dress for her in 5T. Look 
at the print closely and you'll find little hidden ninjas scattered among the flowers 
on her dress. Sol loves the Ninja Turtles and Ninjago so the the Hidden Ninja print
was the obvious choice for her and she really loves it as much as I thought she would!

Indie helped me chose the "Fleur-De-Lift-Off" Rockets Twirly Play Dress" in 4T for her.
I love the colors on this one and know she loves pink too! 

 These twirly dresses really are perfect for twirling! 
The girls loved twirling around in the them!

I know the little girls will be wearing their dresses a lot as the weather gets cooler! 
They had so much fun posing in these and keep asking to wear them again even
though it still feels like summer around here ha! Once the cooler weather sets
in I know they'll be wearing their Princess Awesome dresses often! I love that
they can be dressed up for church but they're perfect for school or every day wear
as well. 

 Mar chose the "SOAR" Pink Airplane Tee Shirt by Free To Be Kids in size 10-12
and the "AirHeart" Airplane Leggings With Pockets in size 10. 

Mar had a great experience flying for the first time earlier this year and 
immediately decided on the airplane print! Mar says the t-shirt and leggings 
are both really comfy! She really loves the deep pockets in the leggings! 
This outfit is perfect for going out or staying home! She says she's going to
wear it on her next plane trip! 

Indie has been making goofy faces when I ask her to smile but I thought
these two pics were pretty cute! :) 

All three girls in their Princess Awesome attire! 

The clothes are true to size. Mar is 9.5 and the size 10 is a perfect fit for her! Her t-shirt
is 100% cotton while the leggings are 92% cotton and 8% spandex.

Sol is 4.5 and on the smaller side but I went ahead and ordered 5T for her so
she'll have a little room to grow. Indie is almost 3 but she's on the bigger side so I ordered
4T for her. The 4T gives her a little room to grow too. Both dresses are 100% cotton.

We're really happy with the products and would definitely recommend them!!

Thank you so much Princess Awesome for letting us review your products!

Use code sunshiney2018 for a 15% discount on air and space collection through Friday! 

*Products were sent to me for review. All opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*

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