Monday, March 25, 2019

Hello Monday!

We stopped by Dairy Queen for free cones last Wednesday, the first day of Spring!

We walked/rode bicycles down to our neighborhood park one afternoon last week! It was sunny and almost perfect outside! 

C and the dog love walking over by the pond! 

We woke up and saw three deer in the woods right behind our backyard a couple mornings last week. They're fun to watch! Our neighbors put deer feed out every evening but we rarely see them unless it's early, early morning. It was hard to get a decent pic through the smudged window pane and screen so this was the best I could get. If we went outside they would've run away. 

G had her first lock-in sleepover with her American Heritage Girls group last Friday night. She had a lot of fun! 

L had a couple febrile seizures again on Saturday. She wasn't feeling very well in the pic above so S brought her her "newborn baby monkey" to snuggle with. Ha! I love the stuff these girls come up with. They named this monkey "purple" and have been pretending it's a real baby for several days now. L fell asleep and had a short seizure not long after I took this pic. She ended up having another short one about 30 minutes later. We didn't see a need to take her to the ER this time and thankfully it was all over within an hour or so.

This was after she had come out of her seizures but was still kind of out of it. She threw up the Tylenol I gave her and went to sleep for a good long while. The seizures seem to really wear her out. 

Thankfully she was pretty much back to herself after she woke up again! And she did great all day Sunday and today. Her seizures have been months apart so I'm not expecting another one any time soon but I guess you never know.. She just started sleeping in her own bed and now I'm kind of terrified to have her sleep on her own again. I just can't imagine her having a seizure during the night without anyone knowing. :( I just found out about these "watches" that alert caretakers to seizures. I don't think we're at the point where she needs one but I think they're pretty cool for those who do. 

This morning was bright and sunny and one of the warmest mornings we've had lately. I decided to wash my van on a whim and G and S were eager to help. As soon as we were done it started getting overcast and started to rain a little later in the afternoon. Ha! I guess I should've looked at the forecast. 

L still isn't feeling 100% and the water from the hose was freezing so she sat in her little lawn chair and watched Gabby's tablet while we washed the van. 

Little E has been loving the spring weather too! He loves curling up in the warm soon. He's the cutest but it's hard to get a good picture of him since he moves around so much! 

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