Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Life Lately

Just a cute pic of the little girls twinning at church a few weeks ago! They both wanted to sit with us in service that Sunday. S does great but L was crazy ha! I think we'll wait a while before letting her sit in service with us again. 

Bath time! They got the frogs and ducks (and matching loofahs) in the their Easter baskets! Great choice! They LOVE them! 

We stopped by the police station a few weeks ago to turn in the kids applications for kids police camp. They have a nice memorial set up for the officer who passed away last month. The large blue piece is the hood of a race car. 

After the police station we stopped by the post office to mail the orthopedic boots we found off eBay for L last fall. She was sad to see them go but there's no way they'll fit her this fall. We sent a little note to the girl with spina bifida who bought them. I hope she gets great use out of them! Such awesome shoes! They had some surface wear when we got them but held up great the few months that L wore them and still have lots of life left. 

The year end badge ceremony for American Heritage Girl was earlier this month. J is excited to participate in AHG again this fall! And S will be joining her! 

L went to her first ever VBS a couple weeks ago! The first hour or so was a little rough and she wanted me to stay with her but I eventually managed to sneak away and she was fine after that! She's going to her third VBS this week! She's practically a pro now! Yes, I signed them up for three different VBS's three weeks in a row ha! The big kids didn't want to go this week since they have kids police camp every morning this week but the little girls are so excited to go again! I ask them every day if they want to go and they always do. I think we'll skip next week since my MIL is coming out and it's the week of the 4th (I'm not sure there will be a VBS going on anyway) but I may try to sign them up for a couple more in July. No shame here. If they want to go I'm happy to take them! Both little girls are with me 24/7 during the school year so it's nice they can get out and do something fun (and free!) during the summer! 

We went to a friend's birthday party last Saturday morning. The food tables looked so cute! 

The "crab" sandwiches were amazing! 

Pinata time! 

Saturday afternoon J had several friends over for a "late over". We don't do sleepovers and most of our friends don't either. The girls came over to swim, have pizza, make icecream sundaes and watch a movie. They ended up starting "Anne With An E" on Netflix which they all seemed to enjoy! They also played fushball for awhile and painted their nails. 

The kids passed out flyers on our street Sunday afternoon. Our community will be having a "Sip N Dip" at the pool this weekend. We're on the committee and like to help out with flyers, volunteering, closing the pool at night, etc whenever we can. I think it's great for the kids to be involved! The older kids passed out most of the flyers while I followed closely in the van but the little girl really wanted to pass out the last few right by our house. :) 

I just caved and bought my first Erin Condren planner in years! I used to buy them every year then decided they were too expensive so the past few years I've found cheaper options but haven't liked any as much as EC. I love this summery print and can't wait to get it in the mail.. my current planner ends in June so hopefully I'll get this one by July 1. 

I'm actually on another "diet" at the moment. I'm drinking lactose free Slim Fast and having a few small meals or snacks a day. I'm also trying harder to stay gluten free. I've known I have a gluten sensitivity for quite some time but lately I've been noticing how much it effects me. I get muscle and joint pain, migraines more often, nauseated, tired and more irritable. When I stay gluten free several days in a row it makes a HUGE difference! I lost weight on Slim Fast years ago (before I had kids) so figured I would try it again. I actually love the taste and it fills me up pretty well too. Next step is exercise (starting again is always the hardest part) and drinking more water each day!

My husband and I just celebrated our 11th anniversary! Hopefully we can get away for date night next week when my mother-in-law is in town. 

Hope everyone is having a great week! 

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  1. I find starting up exercising is the hardest part for me too; as long as I keep it up I am good but once I take a little break I find every excuse to wait another day.