Monday, July 8, 2019

4th Of July Fun!

The Sunday before July 4th. This was the most patriotic-ish looking pic I got of all of them together this year.

We joined half our town the evening of July 3rd and set up along a main road to watch fireworks from the YMCA. This year we were right down the street from Bruster's Ice Cream and got cones before the fireworks started! 

We were planning to go to a parade the morning of July 4th but we all slept in instead. The kids weren't too disappointed. We headed the mall later that morning. My mother-in-law was in town for the week and wanted to look for a few sovernirs. We almost never go to the mall and the kids love to go so they had fun! L's face cracks me up here. She's getting a little too big for those toddler rocking animals but she still loves them ha! 

I saw this mug at Books-A-Million. Describes me to a tee lol! 

 All the girls had fun looking around Claire's! 

The three younger kids had pizza for lunch while JG and I split Chinese food and my MIL and J  got chicken from Popeyes. That's the beauty of a mall food court.. everyone gets what they want.

The kids with J and my mother-in-law. L is sooo attached to her. It's adorable! My MIL speaks almost no English and L speaks toddler English but they manage to understand each other and get along great. :D 

We stopped by the Bass Pro Shop to see the aquarium before we left. The kids love it and the waterfall sounds so peaceful! 

Our life group friends had a cook-out the evening of July 4th! It rained a little but not too bad. The kids had fun with sparklers and running around the backyard! Their neighbor's set off several fireworks in street so the kids all enjoyed watching that too. 

The kids with kids from life group. They all have a TON of energy!

Sweet sisters in their red, white and blue!

Back at home our neighborhood was full of fireworks going off until late at night. We sat outside and watched for a little while before going to bed. 

We had a busy, fun day! Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!! 

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