Monday, July 15, 2019

Weekend Wrap-Up

I can't believe how fast this summer is flying by! The kids go back to school on August 6th and August 8th! 

Dressed up for Cow Appreciation Day last Tuesday. We ran into friends as we were getting there and they shared their masks with us.

We ran into more friends inside. One of them told the kids they could trade in unopened kids' meal toys for a free icecream. Well my kids had already opened their kid meal toys but that didn't stop L and S for asking for free icecream anyway ha! S turned over her opened, already played with toy and got two free icecreams in return. I always tell them it never hurts to ask! Who could resist such sweet, tiny little girls going up to the counter and asking nicely for icecream anyway? After that I bought cones for the older two. 

Last week was busy with more camps for the older three. JG was in Girls In The Run camp every morning from 8 to 12. And C and S went to a Music & Art camp every morning from 9-12. The camps were across town from each other and I tried to rotate who I picked up late. The teachers knew my dilemma and were awesome about keeping the kids a little later when I was running late. 

JG had so much fun! These are a few pics her teacher took. You can tell by her face she was having a great time!! 

Friday morning L and I went to pick up several little horses, stable and farm toys... all for just $5! And all the kids have been playing with them for days. L loves horses and I had been looking for a deal like this for her for awhile. After we picked up the toys we stopped at Starbucks. She was so excited to get chocolate milk! You would think having just 1 kid for a few hours every morning would be easier than having 4 but that wasn't the case. She wanted to be entertained constantly and would not give me a minutes rest ha! She's used playing with her siblings and doesn't like being on her own. Kind of a prelude to what next school year is going to be like when she's the only one at home with me every day.

C and S had a lot of fun at their camp too! Friday night they had a little performance with instruments and songs they learned followed by an icecream social! (Videos on Instagram)

Saturday morning we went to the big Back 2 School Bash! So much fun! The older three each got a free pair of tennis shoes, backpacks and some school supplies! They also got to pick out some clothes. They served free lunches (hotdog or pizza), had bouncy houses, snowcones, popcorn and cotton candy. There was a little petting zoo, face painting, animal balloons and few other booths we didn't get to. JG and I definitely want to volunteer (indoors!) next year! 

S was super excited to get her first bit of school supplies! She's getting more and more excited about starting kindergarten! 

L finally got to pet a real little pony! She was so excited! 

 And twin baby goats! So cute! 

S got to pet a turtle! Turtles are her favorites! 

They also got to pet a sheep, donkey, cow, baby goats, a llama, rabbits. There were the cutest baby piglets, birds and guinea pigs too. 

The older three kids loved this obstacle course bouncy house! It looked like a lot of fun! (Video on Instagram.) 

We wrapped up the busy weekend with life group at our house yesterday afternoon. 

J is off work this week and the kids have zero activities on the schedule (thank goodness!) We're planning to stay home, sleep in and spent lots of time at the neighborhood pool this week! Next week will be crazy again so we'll be using this week to relax and decompress before we hit the ground running again next week. 

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  1. That obstacle course looks so fun! We have yet to try Chick-Fil-A but I keep telling the boys we should one day (we finally had one open up less than an hour away from us but we're rarely out that way).

  2. The same time pick up is such a dilemma! I was lucky last year when I had kids in multiple camps that they ended at different times!

  3. Thanks for linking up at the #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 2! Shared ♥