Thursday, April 23, 2020

Lego Land, Part 1

We went to Lego Land the last day of our trip (Friday). 

The employee who took our pic told us to hold out our arms for some 

reason so that's what some of the kids are kind of doing haha. 

Lego Land was pretty quiet and not very busy that day so it was a 

nice change of pace from Disney. 

The girls at the entrance with their park maps. J made us laugh when she grabbed a Spanish map for S because S is only learning to read in Spanish (not any English) in dual immersion kindergarten. Pretty sure she still can't read a whole map in any language though haha! 

We rode the double decker Grand Carousel right after we got there. The older kids, L and I rode on the top level while my husband and S rode on the lower level. We were so proud of S for riding on her own horse this time since she was scared to at Magic Kingdom. 

These two rode a rollercoaster after the carousel. I can't remember 

the name of this ride or what part of the park it was in.  

The little girls loved the tiny sinks in the bathrooms! 

We ate sack lunches at some picnic tables then 

waited in a short line for the Pirates Cove show.

The show was kind of cute but a little all over the place.. at least to me. 

The best part was the water stuff, of course!

I started getting a migraine (of course) during the pirate show. The older kids were both complaining of headaches too so a couple of the kids and I drove down the street to Starbucks for iced coffee for all of us! It was super easy to get in and out of Lego Land and Starbucks was just about 5 mins down the road. 

Next was Duplo Valley

Even the big kids rode the Duplo Tractor ride. 

And all the kids rode the Duplo Train 

Afterwards we went over to Lego Movie World where the kids had

their picture made with a Lego guy. 

All the kids enjoyed playing on Benny's Play Ship playground for awhile. 

Via Legoland site. 

And J and I rode Unikitty's Disco Drop, pictured above.

S and C had fun spraying the riders on Battle Of Bricksburg

Then the kids and I got sprayed when we rode it! It was a lot of fun though! Afterwards we paid like $3 to dry off in a little drying room. It was kind of chilly with wet clothes

 so I'm glad they offered it! 

Over in Lego Kingdom we all loved Merlin's Challenge ride! C rode it once or twice 

then our whole family rode it.

The kids' expressions here are so funny! 

 All the kids rode Royal Joust 

I was really nervous to let L ride this by herself but she insisted she would be fine 

and she did great! Lego Land was a much better pace for her and not nearly as overwhelming as Disney. 

 All four kids really enjoyed The Forestmen's Hideout playground.

We stopped, rested, had snacks and charged phones over 

here and the kids played for awhile. And I think they were 

the only kids on the playground the whole time.

Part 2 coming up!! 

Read about the rest of our trip, including two days at Disney, over here.

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  1. We have never been to Lego Land. It looks fun!

  2. We have one here in CA and it's so fun!


  3. It sounds like you all had a really lovely time! I've never been to Legoland before, but I'd love to! xo

    Makeup Muddle

  4. Looks like so much fun! My kids love Lego but we have never been to Lego land - there isn't one here in Australia sadly! We did get to visit Disneyland Paris while we were in Europe last year though!

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend :)

    Away From Blue