Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Disney, Magic Kingdom, Part 1

We arrived at Magic Kingdom just before 8 o'clock Monday morning, November 18th. Parking and entering the park went really smooth and faster than I had hoped! 

We parked, loaded up the double stroller we rented from Kingdom Strollers 

and headed over to the ferry!!

Once inside MK we went straight to guest relations for a DAS pass for L. 

(*Details on this at the bottom of my post for anyone interested.) 

After getting the pass we went over and asked a random person to snap our pic in front of the castle. L was having a bit of a meltdown during this so someone in a Disney edit group kindly edited her smiling face into the picture for me! 

After having our picture taken we went over to the castle to wait for rope drop.

(Side note: I found this Stitch for about $1 at our local Goodwill. Disney

brand and in excellent condition!)  

(Pretty sure L's Minnie was another Goodwill find.)

By this time L had already had a few meltdown moments. Seeing her face light up while watching the show was just wonderful! 

 I have videos of this in my Disney highlights on Instagram

I love this pic of my husband and S. 

 After rope drop we headed over to the Dumbo ride! 

Another of my favorite Disney pics! 

S rode with me and L with my husband. Surprisingly L loved the ride but S was a little freaked out! I thought it would be the other way around. This was our first trip to an amusement park so all this was new to them. 

After Dumbo my husband and J went over to the Seven Dwarf Mine Train ride where they had to wait in line for over an hour. The younger three kids and I rode the teacups and the Winnie The Pooh ride while we waited for them. Then we found a little table to sit at in the shade where L was able to unwind a bit, we unpacked our early lunches, ate and just rested for a while.

 C and S loved the Tea Cups! 

The Winnie The Pooh line was long-ish but not too bad because they have activities for the kids throughout the line. Despite the fun activities L started getting tired and a little overwhelmed again so I ended up carrying her part way through the line. 

All three kids loved the ride! I thought it was cute.

 Before we left home I ordered Disney pins and lanyards off Amazon and eBay. 

The kids and I all had fun trading buttons! 

The younger 3 kids and I waited in 2 lines, rode 2 rides and came over to this 

picnic area and had an lunch all while my husband and J were waiting in the Seven Dwarf Mine Train line! 

We found this Minnie bubble blower at Wal-Mart in Orlando the night

before. I think it was only about $14 and L still has it almost 6 months later! 

 We stopped by The Sword In The Stone on the way over to the river boat ride. 

The line to the Jungle Boat ride was long and of course L wanted to be carried. The ride itself was super annoying with a super annoying tour guide who never stopped talking. None of us enjoyed that ride very much but it was okay.

The little girls were excited to see Stitch in a gift shop and ended up buying baby Dumbo and baby Simba here.. which they later exchanged for baby Stitch.

 Not sure what this thing is that had water running over it...

At some point we accidently stumbled upon the Stitch meet and greet with a super short line and just a few minutes wait until he came out! S absolutely LOVES Stitch so this was just awesome! (I didn't plan it or I would have already known when, where and how to meet Stitch but luckily we got there just at the right time anyway!) My husband and the older kids went off to get Starbucks while the little girls and I waited in line to see Stitch. 

Seeing her face just light up really was magical! It made my day to watch her meet him and I'm so, so glad she had that opportunity!

After meeting Stitch the girls and I sat on a bench and waited for my husband and the older kids to come back with my Starbucks. (So needed by that point!)

Then we went off to find snacks! A few of us got a yummy, cheese filled pretzel (so good!) and the three girls got something called a Chershire Cat Tail.. a donut type thing with chocolate syrup on top!

We walked right by the castle as another show was taking place so we stopped and watched for awhile before heading over the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. 

We were surprised to see a huge crane just standing in a flower bed ha! 

The little girls fell asleep before we reached the treehouse so the older kids and

I walked over the treehouse while my husband sat and rested and the little girls slept. 

I'm so glad we decided to rent a double stroller! Even though S walked most the time she did get tired after a while and rode in the stroller occasionally. She also took at least 2 naps 

in the stroller. When she wasn't in it her seat was perfect for bags, jackets, stuffed animals or whatever. .. 

Magic Kingdom, Part 2 coming up tomorrow!  

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*About the DAS pass. I debated back and forth whether to get a pass for L but after talking to other mothers who's children have similar struggles (SPD, various delays plus the issues with her legs/feet/ankles) I decided it was probably best. I was hoping we could get a DAS pass along with a wheelchair tag for our stroller. A wheelchair tag on the stroller would allow us to take the stroller through the lines and take it anywhere a wheelchair could go.Turns out we were told we couldn't take a double stroller in the lines whether we had a wheelchair tag or not so we just skipped the wheelchair tag altogether. The DAS pass itself allows you to come back to a ride when it's your turn.. rather than having to wait in line. I really don't think we ended up using it more than once or twice though. Since we only had one day in MK and one day in Hollywood Studios our schedules were packed. L didn't go on that many rides and when she did we just did we dealt with the lines. I went back and forth on getting the DAS pass. I didn't want to take advantage but glad we went ahead and got it. If we were there another day or two I'm sure we would have used it a lot more. My advice: If in doubt just go for the pass whether your child has visible disabilities or not. You know your child and what they can handle and Disney is very accommodating. 

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  1. The teacups is the one ride I won't go on! The Jungle Cruise is known for the guides talking and making cheesy jokes!