Wednesday, April 15, 2020

What's In My Purse

I decided to link up with What's In My Purse today. 

I've had this purse for a couple months and really love it! I looked all over

Amazon for the perfect bag and even bought a slightly different one and returned it before I bought this one. It's real leather, has 2 short straps to carry it in your hand or over your arm. A removable longer strap to carry over your shoulder and removable backpack straps. 

It also opens wide, has lots of pockets and a light color interior. All must haves for me! 

Even though my kids are older now (ages 4-11) I still carry a TON of stuff. I was an over packer before I had kids and probably will be overpacking my bags forever. 

The pics aren't the best but here you are. 

I've hardly used my purse at all being home for several weeks so this isn't even all the stuff I normally carry lol. A few things have gotten taken out and scattered around. 

Pictured is my oversized wallet. I was really into Ju-Ju-Be stuff for a while when my kids were babies and still love a few of their products. My wallet is an old style Ju-Ju-Be Be Major. I was able to snag it brand new several years ago (after the old style was discontinued) but the fabric became really faded. Because I LOVE the interior so much I would love to have it recovered one day but in the meantime I decided to experiment and paint the exterior with fabric paint haha! It didn't turn out as bad as I feared but certainly doesn't look as good as I hoped. Anyway, I'm using it again for now because the zipper on my other wallet is going out. I'm searching for a new wallet but want to keep my Ju-Ju-Be one and get it recovered one day. (Sorry so long..) 

A few other JJB bags I love are the Be Set pieces. My make-up bag is a medium set piece and the little matching bag with my migraine meds is a small set piece. The green & blue piece in the back is a custom made bag from JJB fabric that I use for tampons & pads. 

Besides the Ju-Ju-Be bags I have a mesh bag with L's seizure meds and some emergency items for her just in case. She has never had a seizure when we're out yet but you never know. 

I also have a container of baby wipes. Even with big kids we use these ALL the time. They are great for messy faces and hands, clean up from a spill, whatever. I think I'll carry wipes around for the rest of my life. 

I also have eye shadow that I always forget to wear, mints, hand cream, a gluten free bar for myself. And I usually have gum, hand sanitizer, sunglasses and keys in my purse too. And I have fast food napkins in the back pocket of my purse just in case some needs a one while we're out. 

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  1. I love being nosey and seeing what is in other people's purses. I love your backpack.